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On The Edge Of The Volcano

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Peering into Earths Fiery belly at Mount Yasur, Vanuatu. “The View from the mountain top was fantastic. “Stop, yes stand there”, Beate said as we walked along the rim of the caldera. Asle tried to make a relaxed pose. But just as the camera clicked, a thunderous boom came from the bottom of the crater, and we could feel the ground shake. Startled, Asle turned around to see a massive spray of red glowing lava bombs rising up just behind him. A plume of black smoke followed, and realizing she still had the camera up, Beate pressed the button.”

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The Solomon Islands

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It was pitch black when we disembarked the cargo ship at Seghe, a tiny town in the remote Marovo Lagoon. We had no idea if the owner of the lodge on the isolated island we planned to stay on had received our message and if he would be here to pick us up. As the other passengers scattered and disappeared into the night, and only a few local people were left on the small pier, we realized we were on our own. It was very late, and we would have to find transport to our little paradise island somehow, or a place to stay the night.

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Rio de Janeiro

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Rio is one of the most famous cities in South America, and well deserved. The combination of the exuberance of it’s fourteen million strong population of music-loving street-partying inhabitants, and the city’s stunning setting amid the crisp beaches and azure waters of the Guanabara bay, makes this vibrant city a unique travel destination. Take a look at some photos from our visit to Brazil’s Cidade Maravilhosa.

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Tracking The Bushmen

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Around Lake Eyasi in Tanzania lies the ancient homeland of the Hadzabe people. Their hunter-gatherer lifestyle, mostly unchanged for tens of thousands of years, provides a rare glimpse into how all humans have lived for most of our existence on Earth. We first met them in a cave in the early morning. The sun wasn’t up yet, and already they were preparing for a moring hunt – by smoking big pipes of weed.

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Return of The Blog!

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It’s hard to believe it’s been over eighteen months since we returned home after a year on the road. It’s been a busy year and a half, and sadly our blog has suffered. But it is time to dust it off and give it new life! We’ve barely scratched the surface of all the stories, pictures and videos we have from our travels, and have some interesting travel plans for the near future, so there’s not much chance we’ll run out of stories to tell anytime soon!

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The White Rhino

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A hundred years ago the southern white rhino was thought to be extinct, until a small population of less than 100 was discovered in South Africa in 1895. Today, around 20,000 animals exist in protected areas, classified as Near Threatened. One such place is Mosi oa Tunya Park in Zambia, home to the mighty Victoria Falls and a refuge for a handful of white rhinos, and we were lucky enough to meet them all. On foot.

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Video: Walking The Lion

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Getting close to lions and cheetahs is something you as a tourist can only do in a handful of places in Africa, and it’s one of the most intense and unforgettable things we’ve ever done. Watch the video the people at Mukuni Big Five Safaris made for us, and read more about this breathtaking experience.

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